Lambertus Julles Halsema and Family
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Friends and family of Lambertus Halsema Rita Hoying writes:
Taken in Florida: Joseph Friemering, Bernard and Mary A. Duwel, (Rita Hoying's grandparents) Fred Friemering, and Anton Halsema (Anthony Lambert Halsema). Taken in 1906. The Friemerings were neighbors of the Hoyings on the farm. The boy's mother was Margaret Pauwells Friemering. her father was Eusebius Pauwel and Eusebius' mother was Elizabeth Halsema. When George Halsema visited our home, we took him to see the Pauwel family. Anthony Lambert Halsema would have been 16 or 17."
This version of the photo courtesy of Paul Halsema who has an original.

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